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SRWP Partnership Initiative


In 2014, as one of the approaches developed during our strategic planning sessions, SRWP will embark on a renewed effort to expand on and develop new partnerships titled the Partnership Initiative. The key purpose of the Partnership Initiative will be to discuss and identify key concerns within the watershed along with potential management actions. We are currently developing a list of key stakeholders to meet with and a list of talking points and will begin scheduling meetings in the spring of 2014. We’ll concurrently meet with potential investors and develop a list of priority actions based on their feasibility. Similar to the Sierra Fund’s Integrated Sierra Investment Strategy, we’ll explore how public and private conservation investments can be organized to best protect and restore the natural resources of the Sacramento River watershed.

Numerous groups and agencies are working to protect and improve their portion of the Sacramento River Watershed. SRWP recognizes that partnerships can be very effective in advancing and improving policies and programs. We strive to support and enhance the efforts of local watershed partners through a more unified organization and voice. We work to ensure that local management programs have a “seat at the table” and are represented in important regional and statewide policies and programs. SRWP worked with local groups and agencies throughout the year to share information and opportunities for collaborating to leverage resources and minimize duplicate efforts.

This article originally appeared in the SRWP 2013 Annual Summary and Report.

Publish Date: 
Feb 26, 2015