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  • Oct 13, 2015

    Severe drought conditions are negatively impacting our state’s natural and financial resources. A recent report by the California Endowment revealed the hidden community-level impacts of the drought and highlighted nonprofits, “many organizations struggle to keep up with demand and need more funding to increase drought-related programs and build capacity.” Not only are funds for drought-related efforts stretched thin, funding priorities have understandably changed as wells run dry and dead fish lie in dry creek beds. Drought-related challenges have the potential to threaten in-region water resources and now more than ever, communities need help in developing a better understanding of state and federal issues related to and affecting their watershed resources.

    SRWP was established in 1996 as an effort to bring stakeholders together to address all water-related issues -- including drought -- within the Sacramento River Watershed. We have served as a forum for watershed stakeholders to share information, measure cumulative progress, and maintain a shared vision of the watershed.

    In 2014, we held the 6th Annual State of the Sacramento River Watershed Forum and the 2014 Annual Stakeholder Meeting along with smaller conferences, workshops, and meetings featuring updates on statewide and regional topics. Our 2014 Annual Stakeholder Meeting at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room in Chico was a huge success, attended by more than 60 representatives concerned with resource conditions within the Sacramento River watershed. On Tuesday October 27th, SRWP will hold the 2015 Annual Stakeholder Meeting and Watershed Forum in Sacramento at the Sierra Health Foundation along the Sacramento River. This event is an opportunity for stakeholders to receive information on issues affecting the Sacramento River watershed, share updates, ideas and opportunities, and hear about and provide input on efforts to support watershed management.

  • May 31, 2015


    SRWP will be adapting the OpenNRM Open Source Software Project to create a web portal customized for the Sacramento River watershed. The portal will give users access to the extensive water monitoring data, studies, reports and articles on the Sacramento River watershed. Users will be able to compile maps and graphs to better visualize available data and answer questions about the watershed.

  • Mar 03, 2015


    In 2014, as one of the approaches developed during our strategic planning sessions, SRWP will embark on a renewed effort to expand on and develop new partnerships titled the Partnership Initiative. The key purpose of the Partnership Initiative will be to discuss and identify key concerns within the watershed along with potential management actions. We are currently developing a list of key stakeholders to meet with and a list of talking points and will begin scheduling meetings in the spring of 2014. We’ll concurrently meet with potential investors and develop a list of priority actions based on their feasibility. Similar to the Sierra Fund’s Integrated Sierra Investment Strategy, we’ll explore how public and private conservation investments can be organized to best protect and restore the natural resources of the Sacramento River watershed.



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2014 Annual Summary and Report

This report provides a visual representation of SRWP's accomplishments and demonstrates our fiscal responsibility and ongoing commitment to highlighting and resolving watershed issues with local participation and a watershed-wide perspective. Download here.


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A Training in the Leaf Pack Network

Spend the day with us at a beautiful tributary of the Sacramento river, learning hands-on about Leaf Pack methods and how aquatic macroinvertebrates tell the story about stream health. You’ll also get to experience one-on-one time with expert scientists in the field of freshwater ecology. Read more here.

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