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  • Sep 12, 2016


    The Forest Ranch Fire Safe Council, Terra Fuego Resource Foundation and the Sacramento River Watershed Program will be hosting the Healthy Watersheds and Fire Adapted Communities Forum. The Forum will be held at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room in Chico, CA on September 22nd from 9:30am to 4:00pm. The Forum will focus on informing and engaging our local community and decision makers about the health, challenges, threats and good work that is happening within the Sacramento watershed. The forum will include the history of the Sacramento watershed, its status today and the work and attention it needs to remain resilient in light of our changing climate. More info here.

  • Feb 25, 2016


    SRWP is at a crossroads of helping to find common ground for the competing interests of water in northern California, balancing municipal and industrial water supply, agriculture, environment, recreation, power production, and flood management needs. Beyond the traditional water dialogue we are working to bring other water-affecting issues into the conversation including fire and fuels management. Our staff and board are passionate, dedicated, and focused and yearning to usher our program into a new era of broad-based support.

    Effective management of California’s water resources is a persistent issue despite ongoing efforts to improve governance and integration. A recent report from the Public Policy Institute of California (see note below) suggests that California’s current system for governing and funding water management lacks the authority and information to manage water shortages and that “coordination failures among state and federal agencies have led to inefficiencies in reservoir operations, ecosystem management, and water marketing, among others.”

  • Feb 25, 2016


    (Above) Sample screen from graphing facility in the new portal.

    The Sacramento River Watershed Portal will give users access to the extensive water monitoring data, studies, reports and articles on the Sacramento River Watershed. Users will be able to compile maps and graphs to better visualize data collection results and answer questions about the watershed. SRWP is working with a knowledgeable group of project partners and other stakeholders representing regulated dischargers, water managers, state and federal agencies, NGOs, and tribes to inform decisions regarding the content, design, and functionality of the portal. This effort is part of SRWP’s long-term program to improve watershed health by providing accurate, timely, and graphic information about the Sacramento River Watershed.



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Healthy Watersheds and Fire Adapted Communities Forum - 9/22/2016

Terra Fuego Resource Foundation, Forest Ranch Fire Safe Council, and the Sacramento River Watershed Program are hosting a Forum on cooperatively aligning watershed management activities and risk mitigation with community and economic development goals in the Sacramento River Watershed. More info.


Latest SRWP Data Portal Flyer

We've redone the flyer describing the Sacramento River Watershed Data Portal, which will be launched soon. The Portal will allow you to access hundreds of real-time watershed sensors, explore historical data, view and download 150 map layers, and much more. Download here.

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Add one or more of the 200 GIS layers, change layer colors, upload your own GIS data layers, create overlays, zoom in or out, and much more. To create a map, click here.